Our Associates

MiTek - world leaders in roof truss technology

We are proudly associated with MiTek Industries South Africa, part of the Berkshire Hathaway Group of Companies, and world leaders in roof truss technology.

Rooftek’s products are made under licence of MiTek to Blue Ribbon standards of quality. These standards apply to our engineering, software, nailplates, eCo Fasteners and manufacturing equipment.

Our trusses are individually designed in accordance with the code of Practice for General Procedure and Loadings (SANS 10160) and the Code of Practice for the Design of Timber Structures (SANS 10163).

Institute for Timber Construction

We believe that our client must have peace of mind when investing in a roof. We have joined hands with the Institute for Timber Construction (ITC).

Rooftek Trusses holds a Certificate of Competence issued by the ITC. Certificate no COC/288/MIT

ITC - Facts about roof trusses (Click to view PDF)
ITC - A safe legal roof (Click to view PDF)
ITC - Rooftek Certificate of Competence (Click to view PDF)
Mitek Plaque awarded to Rooftek (Click to view PDF)

Elegant solutions to tough roofing challenges
Natural wood trusses offset against contrasting roofing material
We make trusses for unusual roof designs